Allow me to introduce my self. My name is Kelly Thela affectionately known as Mrs. Kelly Can. I am a lover of Christ, an entrepreneur and a qualified former estate agent and yes I am the founder and President of Young Wives SA and the queen behind YWSA.

My journey began with a need I had. All I really wanted was to have tea with my friends and chat about issues affecting us as women. That was how Young Wives SA – which is turning 5 this October was started. (Yes, we will be celebrating this huge milestone)

I am surprised how YWSA – a non profit Organization, has grown so much over the years.

I still remember that first follower of the group. 5 years later, we are a community of women proving so many stigmas wrong. There is so much beauty in YWSA where we make it a mandate to pull each other up no matter what. We provide support and counselling services, as well as supporting each other during the most challenging times of our lives. We have also made a difference to so many women’s lives and those who are less fortunate than us.

Even though there are challenges along the way, at YWSA, we are dedicated to keep moving forward.

I always remember why I started! I remember that God did not make a conference call when he gave me this vision. It was just Him and I. Being a solution – driven and positive thinker, I don’t have any negative DNA in me, so every challenge that comes, I know it has a solution and I aim for the solution. I thank God that I have managed to find solutions to most of our challenges.

On this blog, you and I will embark on an amazing phenomenal journey with interesting, open and honest conversations about marriage, business, health, wellness and of course empowerment. Lets have the conversation. You better stay glued up for more.

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Peace and Love

Mrs.Kelly Can

86 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MY BLOG!”

    1. You have been fire since I have met you and fell in love from get go… you have been a mother and because God is on your side your lighf has been shinning even on our side. You are such an inspiration. I wish the whole entire world to see your beautiful and ecstatic work. I am forever proud. Daugtherkazi. As you say to me the sky has no limit even. I love you

    2. Finally 😍😍😍
      It’s been an amazing journey with the organization and we are yet to be more enriched, thank you Kelly for this, we’ve been waiting ❤️

    3. Lindelwa Madayile

      I’ve recently been introduced to your organization and it’s absolutely a great initiative and it’s needed. We live in a selfish world, where each is to their own. To find a group of women dealing with women’s issues is truly a blessing. Congratulations again and to many more!

      Thank you!

    4. Wow!😍 what a beautiful introduction ! Looking forward to learning more from you sis, you’re such an amazing woman ❤️

        1. This marks the continuation of what is already there and taking place 👏🏼. Glad to have known and met you. Looking forward to being part of the journey with you . To many more 🥂 . Continue being as supportive as you are 👑

    5. Looking forward to reading informative and entertaining pieces on real life issues. All the best queen with this journey… rallying with you ✊

  1. Congratulations Mrs. Kelly Can and thank you for being obedient and starting YWSA. It’s such an empowering thing to be part of a community of like-minded women. To have a safe space where we can talk about anything that affects us as women. I am looking forward to the blog, I know I am going to learn a lot and be inspired.

    1. Wow my Pres, we are for you you and you are for us , I’m praying for you always we love you and may God keep elevating you . We are within and behind you always.

  2. Woop woop… 🙂 Finally you can reach the world with this amazing platform. An amazing journey is ahead of you as you continue to make a difference in many women’s’ lives. Much love Mrs. Kelly Can

  3. OMG finally. Another great platform for us to engage with you and other empowering women. Thank you 🙏. YWSA has changed my life and I can’t wait for many more platforms it starts for us to engage in. God bless YWSA. To many more years🙏

  4. Kelly did it again 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 Our queen making us proud. Congratulations and I am so excited about this platform 💕💕💕

  5. Well done queen Kelly Can.thank you for the YWSA platform through it I’ve learned a lot and helped a few around me.
    So excited that for what these blog will do for the rest of the young females .

  6. Nothando Dube Mdala

    Can’t wait 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿. What a way to continue spreading the word of God and spreading love :From S.A to the world 🚀🚀🚀

  7. Hallo Queen

    You’re Really a Blessing Child of God ,Knowing you Alone is a Blessing ,Keep on Lifting up woman’s like me ,Encouraging other women..keep Shinning Queen 😍I love you👑.

  8. Aaah My Queen congratulations on this chapter..Not only do you pull others up but also want everyone around you to share kindness always.Excited to be in this space with you shuu I have welcomed us so much into your space.God bless you and cannot wait to see what you have in store for us. Yeeeeye Lead us Queen 👑

  9. YWSA is such a perfect platform for us Queens and I yet so excited about this blog actually it’s been long over due. 😍🥳 I can’t wait to see more and learn more.

  10. Lerato Dlamini Dube

    My favourite Aunt always leading by example.Congratulations and I’m super proud and happy to be part of this chapter.❤️ nazoke partner

  11. Nqobile Tshabalala

    Yessssss finally within 🥳🥳🥳 the one and only virtuous legacy. We thank God for you Kelly and I personally don’t know where I would be without you in my life. God bless you ❤️

  12. Walking this journey with you has been so overwhelming. Im glad you took the plunge and trusted God with such a big project. Women are the future leaders of this country, people who are ready to lead with Empathy. 🙏Thank you Mrs T, congratulations on this beautiful milestone🙏😇

  13. Wow Queen KellyCan.I love it from your name Kelly Can. You always remind us anothing is Impossible!!!. You have done it again Sis.Congratulations!!! May the good Lord Keep Showing you with Blessings🙌

  14. Oh wow this women is there anything she cannot do😍. My queen congratulations you deserve all things beautiful and more. We are ready for you and to learn more from your blogging. You are definitely on fire keep burning we are learning ❤️❤️❤️.

  15. Ahhh this is so amazing! I can’t wait to travel this journey with you ♥️ So proud of you mama and you know I’m behind you beke le beke .

  16. Fortunate Zungu-Ludaka

    I’m super excited about YWSA turning 5, because that’s testimony right there if I was ever looking for it.

    Thank you for being the great embassador for women upliftment and empowerment. May God continue to increase your influence.

  17. Congratulations Kelly, this was a great read, now I get to understand how it all started as the Mafikizolo of YWSA. Super proud

  18. Phelokazi Manavhela

    I joined YWSA few months back but boy oh boy… the well of knowledge the ladies have…. women who are totally sold out to Christ🥰🥰… Kusezobamnandi kwa YWSA… Im looking forward to everything that Christ has instore for us…

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