This is a platform where young married and like-minded women would come together and share their experiences and learn from one another.


How it started

Young Wives SA is an organisation that was founded by Kelly Thela in October 2016. The onset of an early marriage and forever changing dynamics in society inspired Kelly to form YWSA.

It’s an idea born from a place of lack of being able to relate. Married at the age of nineteen; Kelly, found herself in unfamiliar territory, where peoples’ expectations of a married woman clashed with how she wanted to live her life.

This stirred up a strong desire to either find or create a place where she could safely share her frustrations without being judged or condemned.

We help one another.

About Us

This is a platform where young married
and like-minded women would come together and share their experiences and learn from one another. It is common expectation (Patriarchy), in most black communities; a wife is expected to conduct herself in a particular manner.

In a more modern and progressive world, it is highly impossible for a young woman to conform to the norms and values of society. A tug of war between the older and younger generations is often unavoidable.

What we have been up to.

We have put together networking sessions where we invite young wives and the ladies in waiting to come together and network. These platforms are designed to help in establishing business connections among people who share a common interest instead of only fostering the exchange of information/ ideas.

The highlight of 2017 was the Inaugural Imbokodo Camp which was hosted at a resort venue in Magaliesberg. During the 3day event, guests were treated to different activities and the ladies were given an opportunity to engage with a panel of male guest speakers who shared their perception of women. Consequently, following the success of the first camp, YWSA is hosting the second annual Imbokodo camp in Magaliesberg from the 9th of November 2018.

As YWSA, we have adopted a holistic approach, where we look at one’s life in its totality, which includes their physical, business/ career and spiritual wellbeing among other aspects. To date, YWSA has hosted a number of day activities that address women’s challenges in their pursuit of a better version of themselves. We hosted an event at The Indaba hotel in Fourways, where people came out in their numbers and had a very enlightening afternoon as the ladies shared important information about their different businesses ventures and resulted in the formation of an integrated support network.

Our CSI Initiatives

There’s a very common saying that says “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu.” Loosely translated, it means, we are because of other people around us, our families, peers, colleagues and the communities we come from. As
YWSA, we strongly believe that we are better when we lift others up.

We collect Roll-on’s for boys and
girls at Zwelethu High School in uMlazi, Durban. Again, when
you buy your own toiletries, we
encourage that one buys an extra supply to donate to the mentioned recipients.

With this drive we donate sanitary wear to girls that can’t afford these crucial supplies themselves. The model we have
employed to here is that when you do your own groceries, you are encouraged to buy an extra pack for “Her”. These items are collected at all our events.
At the moment we donate these toiletries at AURORA GIRLS in ZOLA, once a term.

YWSA is here to effect change
to young girls. We recently
founded young wives foundation. Donations of as little as R50 are welcome. Deposits can be made into the banking details below

Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Acc: 62776965059
Name: YWSA Foundation 4 Girls
Ref: your name and surname

Our Vision

To create a safe space for virtuous womanhood whilst pulling other girls UP

Our Mission

To give young married women and aspiring wives a place to share their experiences, knowledge and learn from one another, To be an attentive listener for all the ladies and be a great support system, and To empower and encourage each other.

Our Values

Mutual Respect • Kindness • Commitment • Open-mindedness • Loving space • Support

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Johannesburg, South Africa